Our WordPress Widgets and Plugins

We develope database driven plugins and widgets that meet our customers needs. We don’t want them to worry about data inconsistencies through-out their website, we want them to be able to focus on their daily business and update their websites easily and consistent. Change content in one place and have it published throughout your website the way you need it.

  • Bike List Plugin

    Originally developed for a Bike rental place, that displayed the list of the currently available bikes on several pages throughout their website. Also several forms for different booking packages are available and a selector representing the current bike list was also here necessary. After Installation of the Plugin the list of bikes could be maintained central in one place and updated all occurences of the lists and selections in forms.
    This plugin can easily be adjusted to other lists of products

  • HobbyAthletes.com Rating and Review Plugin

    To be used on official websites of sports events like triathlon, runs, cycling events. Since most of the websites for such events are running on WordPress we developed this super-easy-to-use and free plugin. A JSONP web service driven plugin, that displays the rating values of the corresponding event on HobbyAthletes.com.

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